Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An Artificial Plague

There is an artificially induced plague of mental illness rising to epidemic levels in our country. It's no secret that rich people own the media; how many poor people do you know that own a radio station or TV network? They have used the methods of marketing, cognitive neuro-science and mob psychology to turn ordinary conservatives into reactionary madmen. It seems an extreme measure just to promote an agenda, but wealth addiction is a powerful vice.
  Perhaps you have had conversations on a blog or other social media discussing the facts of a certain issue, and all of a sudden a voice chimes in with a comment along the lines of "Because liberals are stoopid". Maybe you paused and wondered how this person thinks this non sequitur is relevant to your hitherto non-partisan discussion. It is because this person every issue as black and white; you either think exactly the same as him or you are diametrically opposite. I know it's difficult, and I'm not very good at it myself, but please try to be kind to this victim of cognitive manipulation.
   One of the most visible symptoms of this illness is called "Psychological Projection". Here are some example sentences followed by their unspoken sub-text:

"Sandyhook was a false-flag to have an excuse to take away the guns of white people" because he would have no problem using a false-flag to take away the guns of minorities if he could.

"Obamacare means death panels for your mother" because he would like death panels for people not like him.

"Climate change is a lie so scientists can get more money" because lying to get more money is his version of the American dream.

"Evolution is a lie so that scientists can deny Jesus" because lying FOR Jesus is de rigueur.

"liberals are always nominating activist judges" because that's what they've always done so that must be what everyone does.

Or how about the classic "VOTER FRAUD!" because because Democrats are to stupid to commit election fraud like Republicans

So you see, in his world, everyone who is not ultra-conservative is obviously a far-left radical that wants to destroy everything he holds dear, and every scientist seeking consensus is obviously a greedy atheist with an agenda. Have pity on the poor deluded child.
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