Friday, December 28, 2007

Family Wants Answers

So we all heard about the guy that got killed by the tiger, right? The family wants answers. Do you suppose they really want answers, or do they just want to find out if they have grounds to sue? If you tease a tiger, you might deserve it. I'm sorry, but I don't have much pity for the human race. Back in the Pleistocene, humans wiped out the megafauna. We never got a chance to scientifically describe the habits and ecology of the large mammals. That was the opening shot of the sixth great extinction event. I can forgive the ignorant Cro-Magnon; they didn't know any better. Closer to our time, humans finished off that giant pigeon relative, the Dodo. I guess I can forgive them too. They were only marginally more informed than their cave dwelling ancestors, but I would still like to go back in time and chastise them a bit. I look back in anger and disbelief at the extiction of the Passenger Pigeon. I hang my head in shame at we've done to Hawaii. The theme here that as we grow more knowledgable as a race we have less of an excuse to allow this sort of thing to happen. In my own life-time, I wept when I learned of the extinction of the Chinese River Dolphin, and curse the greed which keeps the majority of people in the world poor, thus offering them no choices other than "it was me or him."
These days there is a lot of complacency; people have cell-phones and SUVs so when greedy feudalists spout anti-science non-sense, thats exactly what we want to hear. "Oh, it's not our fault," we say, "Extinction is part of the natural process. So go ahead and fill your tank and turn that rain forest into tooth-picks. Besides, Jesus will be back soon and make everything all better."
Do me a favor and please pull your head out of your ass right now. I'm not gonna tell you about the Eskimos that had to invent a new word because they had never seen Robins before. I could mention hurricanes in Sweden(look it up). I could tell you that malaria will make it to Chicago before the killer bees will, but I won't. Im' not a scientist so why sould you listen to me. I will just tell you what I know for a fact.
I heard a frog yesterday... In Gary,Indiana... The day after Christmas.
As angry as you must certainly be able to tell that I am, your grandchildren will be even angrier at YOU! Maybe you don't care a whit about a stupid fish in some far-off lake, but surely you must care about what kind of legacy you are leaving your kids. I chose not to have kids because I could see what kind of world is coming. If I'm getting through to you, you might be thinking the same thing right now. War for oil? Give me a break. Wait until it's war for water. You think the fifty states can stay together through that? That'll make the south rise again, for sure. Shit, California will pray for an earthquake just take their minds off it.

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