Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Memetic Engineering

The Right Wing in the United States have convinced the religious that they represent "Christian Values”. They are trying to divide us so that we never get too strong. We need to mirror their strategies and undermine the GOPs shaky alliance with Christianity. I propose that we use modern philosophical tools such as “Street Epistemology” and “intuition pumps” to channel thinking of the religious to be more antagonistic towards vulture capitalism (incidently, a position closer to that of Jesus). These skills require practice, so get out there and do it.
Toxic memes are unlikely to be eliminated any time soon, but they can be replaced with less virulent strains. Then they can be directed to perform alternate functions or to be less destructive. A major goal would be to see the return of Black liberation theology to its default position in the African-American community, replacing the heretical pyramid scheme that is the “Prosperity Gospel”. Another goal is helping the White working class realize how they have been duped and used to keep the working class from uniting and becoming stronger. Rehabilitating the image of labor unions may be a good first step here. These can be called forms of “memetic engineering”. It is our patriotic duty to become Memetic Engineers. (Facebook style picture memes are a respected tool in our arsenal, but any contagious idea can be used for memetic engineering) . Once we systematize the tools and methods , we can spread the meta-meme of how to do memetic engineering to other groups and slowly change the world.

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