Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Message to Liberals

Many people think I'm a liberal just because I'm not a conservative. Things are rarely so black and white. The truth of the matter is that there are issues upon which I do have somewhat conservative views. The fact that I've never voted for a member of the Giant Oil Party has more to do with the fact of thier inherant dishonesty and corruption more than some rigid adherance to a particular world view. Call me a liberal if you want; I won't feel insulted. Nor should anyone else. Somehow the corporate propaganda machine of this country has turned this unthreatening word into an epithet. Rail against it all you want, it won't change the fact that the United States was founded as a liberal democracy. Of course I now expect ad hominem attacks from people who have no position from which to debate. I believe subconsciously the conservatives know they are wrong, but they can't bear the thought of being wrong. Rather than debating in a civilized manner, the only thing they can do is insult people. If they could step back for moment and take look at objective reality, they would neccesarily agree that they have been wrong all along. They can't do this because they are scared. This is the fundamental difference between conservatives and rational people. The world, by neccesity, is changing and the conservatives don't like it one bit. It terrifies them that the comfort they so enjoy may in fact be a fleeting thing that they didn't deserve in the first place. For a good portion of the twentieth century there were nuclear missiles pointed at our major cities, but now they want everybody to be so scared of some arabs hiding in caves that we will gladly give up our rights as Americans. They can't stand on thier own two feet and say why they believe what they believe. All they can do is parrot what some stupid pundit says and then pat each other on the back for it. If someone should point out a flaw in their reasoning they cry "Your attacking me!" Poor widdle neo-cons. It's not enough that they now control most of the media, they need constant reinforcement to sustain the hypocrisy. Youtube has atheists on it so they make Godtube. Wikipedia can be edited by anybody, so they create Conservapedia. They protest the fictional movie The DaVinci Code, but they flock to The Passion even though it totally perverts the message of Jesus. Now the boring idiot Ben Stien's new movie, Expelled, is coming out because they can't admit they lost the battle against scientific progress one hundred fifty years ago. Science is fine when it makes labor saving devices or weapons, but look out if it dares to challenge long-held superstitions.
My point is that conservatives are really just big sissies. Liberals are mostly nice guys, but the bullies see this as a weakness to be exploited. Stop being nice to these jerks; they do not deserve it. I know some of them might be your friends, but try a simple expirement. Ask your conservative friend how he can believe in an invisible man in the sky for which there is no evidence, but he can't believe in climate change when even the oil companies won't deny it. I guarantee his first response will be an insult or personal attack. Brush that aside, and press the issue. His next response will be dissembling or obfuscation. Don't give up. Shortly he will be cowering in the corner sucking his thumb and saying "I thought you were my friend." It may seem unkind but maybe this way you can actually get through to them. We've tried everything else. I know it's a cliche but it's true; they can dish it out, but they can't take it.

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