Monday, August 28, 2006

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Even funnier than Penn Jillete, Harry Shearer has the funniest radio show on the internet. You know, the guy from the Simpsons
This would be good toilet reading if the computer fit in the bathroom: THE JAPANESE KAMIKAZE. Go to the homepage too.
Lots of stuff at the Chateau Bizarre. Thats how I found Madame Talbots, who has a good links page and so much more.
Guess I'm in a "goth" mood. Check out Gothic Rose Antiques for all your mad scientist fantasies.

Liquid explosives? Lets see what The Register has to say.
What do the terrorists really want?
If I hear the phrase "liberal media" one more time, I think I will snap. Only chickenhawk conservatives could be such PUSSIES!
Don't read that local yellow rag. Get your news straight from The Portal Of Evil.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


It was called the bronze age because that is when bronze was invented. If you've ever used a copper knife, you can see that a bronze one would be a big improvement.What would happen if you tried to run a modern restaurant with a bronze knife? Disaster. Then why do you insist on letting an ancient code dictate your entire way of life? Yes, mono-theism was a big improvement over animism, but we have steel knives now.

This whole thing has got to stop! Now it looks like World War Three is about to start and then you'll be happy, EH? Jesus is not coming back to take you to heaven, and even if he was I doubt he would be overjoyed that you turned the middle east into a slab of radioactive glass. "Oh," you say, " but He made this world for us to do with what we will." Yes, and I'm sure he was thinking of choking forests with SUVs and poisoning coral reefs with the run-off from golf courses. Oh, and killing people who believe in a different god (even though technically it is the same god), and they smell and they dress funny.

This may come as shock to some of you, but I assure you it is very true. You might not like it, but for the sake of the entire planet I beg you to at least consider it. Jesus was a man and god is no more real than the easter bunny or the tooth fairy. It's one of those little fibs we tell to kids when we don't feel like explaining everything. And to make matters worse, this lie has been perpetuated since the bronze age (see first paragraph).

So what do I suggest we do about the "terrorists"? I suggest the same thing that I suggest we do about ignorant Christians. Violence obviously does not work. They kill us. We get mad and kill them. They get mad and kill more of us and so on ad infinitum. Well, I personally am not opposed to christians and muslims killing each other. There are too many people on this planet and that seems like a good way to thin the herd. Unfortunately they want to involve all the rest of us.
No, we have to change ourselves first, then shame the muslims into behaving. Once we all realize that religion does more harm than good, then we can say "Haha, look at the silly muslims and jews fighting over there. Aren't they silly" They can't hate us because we're christians if we are not christians. And we wont hate them for being muslims if islam is reduced to a quaint cultural artifact.

Maybe you are an athiest like me. Get the ball rolling. Start at home. When your neighborhood Voodoo palace spells something wrong on the preachy sign out front, call them up and make them feel stupid. Go to a sermon and giggle. Sometimes they have a "FREE ROCK CONCERT", where they lock the kids in and won't let them go until they accept the holy spirit as thier personal saviour. What a great place to make a huge scene. Use your imagination, but don't do anything immoral. We are trying to teach by example, after all.

At the Permian-Triassic boundary, 90 to 95% of all species became extinct. It only took 50 million years for the eco-system to return to its full glory. Do you honestly believe that your ghost will be here in 50 million years to witness the re-emergence of intelligence.? You are either lying to yourself, or you're just lying.

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