Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We don't have an illegal immigrant problem

We have an illegal employer problem.

So perhaps you've been waiting patiently for me to finish this post and all I ever do is disappoint. Well, I was going to post a short list of some of the businesses I know that hire illegal immigrants, but I was advised that that might not be the wisest thing to do. Primarily, the reason being that often it's difficult to tell an illegal from a legal, and one can't accuse a company of VIOLATING FEDERAL LAW without some proof. Some illegals have been here for years and they tend to blend in a little better (some of them even speak ENGLISH!).
I used to be a chef but I had to switch careers at the age of 40. I was
good at it and I enjoyed it but I no longer fitted in (no habla
Now I'm doing something else and making about 30 grand a year(kids, go to college). Today I was at a stop and I tried to ask a question of the cleaning lady. She spoke no
english so of course I wondered if she was legal. Sometimes you can
tell and sometimes you can't. Anyway, we both finished at about the
same time and I hopped into my beat-up truck and she got into a brand
new SUV. If someone tells you that they take jobs we don't want to do, it is a lie. If she gets paid enough to afford a new SUV I would love her job (of course I would never buy a gas-guzzling status symbol). They have
networks that help each other find the UN-PATRIOTIC employers who care more about profit than their country; these greedy bastards even help them find phony social security numbers and cheat on urine tests. It would be easy for me to be bitter, but I don't blame the immigrants; it's our fault the third world is in the condition its in because we've been exploiting them for centuries. Maybe we deserve to lose lucrative career opurtunities. But the corporations DON'T deserve to make record profits while the people(of, for, and by whom this country was created)go without health-care or nutritious food. To reiterate; WE DON'T HAVE AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM, WE HAVE AN ILLEGAL EMPLOYER PROBLEM.
The only way we can get our government to start enforcing the laws we
already have is through CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM. As long as the
lobbiests and SIGs have the Pols in there pockets, things will never
change. The GOPs say they want to build a wall, the Dems say they want
to give amnesty. They are just saying what they think we want to hear.
Neither side mentions the fact that if the mojados can't get jobs THEY WILL GO HOME ON THEIR OWN. No need for massive deportation or fences to no-where; just don't give your money to companies that hire illegals. If you call a landscape company to cut your grass, make sure they go by the book. Otherwise, YOU are part of the problem. In fact the Dimocrats and the Grand Oil Party are on the same side of this issue, even though they appear different superficially. Big
business likes cheap labor, and corruptable politicians like big-business.
The chinese have a saying, "To find a straight pole, look deep in the
forest. To find an honest politician, look to the common man." How can
the common man ever get to power the way the system is today? Are we a nation of people or a nation of corporations? Are we a nation of laws or a nation of profit? Vote your conscience and vote with your dollars.

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