Monday, April 25, 2016

Pan-Galactic Deism

I had a religious experience yesterday. It was a profound feeling deep in my brain, and now I understand the religious experience a little better, and I will try to be a little nicer to believers.
I suspect most christians and muslims don't understand what it means to truly believe. Belief can only come from inside, not outside. You can't be coerced, tricked, or debated into believing, you either believe or you don't. I listened to and talked with christians for years and they never came up with any evidence that I would consider convincing, but alone in my room, with no outside influence, I became a believer.
So now, overnight, I believe in god, but not your god. My god doesn't talk to us, and it's unlikely we will ever meet him. My god is he who was here first. He came upon a star with little balls of mud circling around it. On three of these mud-balls he planted seeds. Two of them withered, but the third ball flourished and evolved into a beautiful bouquet of life. So Earth is gods Chia Pet.
  If he even ever notices us, perhaps all he sees is a weed trying to take over his Chia Pet, so un-important he doesn't even bother to pull us out by the roots.
 That being said, Humans have a noble history and a glorious future among the stars. We, here and now, are the history of that future, and it is our duty to strive toward that future as rapidly and painlessly as possible. Alone, with only Science as our greatest tool, we fought our way from the caves to the modern civilization we have now. Everything we have achieved, we have achieved on our own with no outside help. That is something to be proud of.

It has come to my attention that some of the few people who have read this post have misunderstood the intent. I am merely trying to express that an experience can be profound and powerful, even if it only exists in your head.Have empathy for those who can't tell the difference

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