Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Happy Birthday Douglas

I came to be a fan of Douglas Adams a bit late. Occasionally I would encounter a friend at the bookstore (back when there were such things) and he would ask if I ever read Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. Well I've always been a bit of a sci-fi snob (I've seen most Star Trek films but only 2 of the 7 Star Wars) so I muttered something about comedy not having any place in science fiction. Then one day I was watching a Dr Who rerun, and I noticed it was written by that Adams fellow, and it was a good episode. So I promised myself I would check this guy out after all. Sometime later I ran across a used copy of Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency; I was baffled but hooked. I then read everything I could get my hands on.
So I told my friend he was right and when could we expect another book from him. That's when I found out he had died a short time earlier. Just my luck to have a new favorite and to never have the joy of a new work from him. So long, Douiglas, and thanks for all the laughs.

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