Thursday, August 13, 2009

10 reasons

P Z was front page for about five minutes at ABC News, so he's been getting some curious people looking around. On this comment thread, everyone is listing 10 reasons to be an atheist; so here's mine...

1. The dark ages. If it wasn't for religion we would have an almost 1,000 year head start in science and technology. All the problems we have now could have been solved by now and we would be living in a peaceful, sustainable land.

2. Men wrote the bible. I'm sure some of the stories in it are based on things that may have happened, but bear so little resemblance that they can only be used as clues to figure out the real story. How can you expect a text that is nearly prehistoric to be without error?

3. There is no evidence. Unlike most Jesus-Junkies, my mind CAN be changed. All it would take is some evidence. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

4. Any subject that needs something called "apologetics" to justify its existence is suspect from the start.

5. Most Christians are ass-holes. I drive a lot and more often than not, when someone is driving like a selfish bastard, they will have a plastic fish on the bumper. Pro-tip: Being self-centered is often indistinguishable from being stupid.

6. Religion encourages racism. 40,000 members of the KKK have been ministers.

7. There is no such thing as "super-natural". If something exists, it is either natural or artificial.
8. Why are there so few placental mammals in Australia? Only evolution can account for that.

9. Religion is a vector for toxic memes.

10. God feels he has to destroy humans every so often when they become too wicked. Why does he feel he need to be melodramatic with the fire and floods human sacrifice? If he can do anything, couldn't he just suck the blood out of evil people one at a time? That would be a cool story.
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