Friday, April 20, 2007

Villian or Victim?

This video is long but good

I'm not certain if any of you are regular readers of this blog, seeing as how nobody ever comments, but if you are a regular reader, there is likely one of two reasons. Either you like the unusual links that only I seem to able to come up with, or you like to hear my unpopular opinions. Well, this time I have what will probably be an extremely unpopular opinion.
I'm positive that everyone reading this has heard about what happened in Virginia. There was truly no way escape hearing about it. It's even bigger news than the custody battle over Anna Nicole-Smiths baby. Hundreds of people die every day in Iraq so that you can drive your SUV, but when it happens here, thats news.
A really sad aspect of this tragedy is the fact that everyone talking about it sees it as an oportunity to put forward their personal agenda.
The conservatives say "if I was there with my gun, this never would have happened". Yea, you're so brave; thats why you got your rich daddy to pull strings so you didn't have to go to Viet Nam. You fucking chicken hawks. Assuming you didn't shit your pants, what do you think would happen when the cops got there and saw you with your gun out? Yea, more guns; that'll solve everything. Idiots.
The liberals blame it on guns. Did you watch that video? I know it's long but it's worth it for the ending. If Cho Seung-Hui didn't have a gun he could have had a knife or a sword or hell even a pair of scissors. WTF, he was a college student for christsake. I bet he could've come up with a dandy bomb.
The christians want to ban offensive music lyrics. I'm sure this guy just went crazy because he heard Chamillionaire on the radio. I know that shit drives me crazy. They forget this guy was christian, not a buddhist or whatever. I bet they think it would be great to just get rid of that darned constitution and run the country based on Bronze Age myths. You're right. This kind of thing probably wouldn't have happened in Saudi Arabia.
I'm here to tell you that you're all full of shit. I've not heard one person or punditoid come up with a solution that would actually work to prevent further incidents of this type.
It is likely that psychosis is caused by a combination of hereditary and other factors. Every organism has a genotype and a phenotype. The genotype is the genes you get from your parents. An organisms heredity says what traits the organism will posess depending upon what environment it lives in. How those genes are expressed in a particular environment is the phenotype. In other words, Cho Seung-Hui's psychosis may have never been expressed in his phenotype had his environment not brought it out.
So they pick on him his whole life because he was small, not wealthy and he talked funny, and then everyone is so surprised when he goes off. Well, I'm surprised. I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. I know what it's like to be a small, poor kid in a school full of rich jocks. When I was in high school I won't deny that I had some violent revenge fantasies. If you were picked on, you probably did too. Now that I'm middle aged I'm content to know that those who made my youth miserable are fat couch potatos stuck in un-loving marriages, while I'm still in great shape and hanging around with strippers.
I'm not totally heartless; I have some sympathy for the students. Just not much. They always got everything they wanted and never had to deal with the real world. Perhaps if they would have been a little nicer to the guy and not so concerned about who has the nicest cell phone, this might not have happened. Perhaps if one of the stuck-up brats gave him a little pussy, he wouldn't have been so high-strung.
So, permit me to spell out for you. To prevent more incidents:
1. stop being superficial. Just because someones parents couldn't afford braces does not mean they are a piece of shit.
2. stop being stuck-up. Realize that in the grand scheme of things your piddly little problems don't mean much.
3. Stop being rude. America is known around the world as the country with the least manners. Just because you drive an armoured luxury tank is no reason not to use your turn signals
4. If your child is being picked on, or if your child is doing the picking, talk with them. Don't wait for TV or sunday school or the school nurse to do your job. You wanted a damn kid, now deal with the resposibility that entails.
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