Monday, August 28, 2006

newest links

Even funnier than Penn Jillete, Harry Shearer has the funniest radio show on the internet. You know, the guy from the Simpsons
This would be good toilet reading if the computer fit in the bathroom: THE JAPANESE KAMIKAZE. Go to the homepage too.
Lots of stuff at the Chateau Bizarre. Thats how I found Madame Talbots, who has a good links page and so much more.
Guess I'm in a "goth" mood. Check out Gothic Rose Antiques for all your mad scientist fantasies.

Liquid explosives? Lets see what The Register has to say.
What do the terrorists really want?
If I hear the phrase "liberal media" one more time, I think I will snap. Only chickenhawk conservatives could be such PUSSIES!
Don't read that local yellow rag. Get your news straight from The Portal Of Evil.
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