Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Capitalism kills more people than nazis and terrorists combined

I am going to get a medic-alert bracelet today. It will say "don't take me to the hospital, I have no money. Throw me in a dumpster". I don't plan on giving one cent to any health insurance company. I have had car insurance for years, and I've seen what happens when you actually have a claim. They drop you like a hot potato. Nope, I plan on dying at home, alone and in pain, because the health care industry doesn't deserve any of my hard-earned money. Sure, some doctors and nurses are in the business because they want to to help people, but what about all the insurance executives and hospital administrators; do you think they want to to help you?

One of the biggest houses I've ever seen belonged to a pediatric oncologist. OK, right now you're saying "well he helps kids; he deserves to be rich", but I want to tell you, this house was not just big, it was ostentatious. From my point of view, he got rich from the worst kind of tragedy that can befall a family. Are there that many kids with cancer that he is working his fingers off to save them all, or is it that when a kid does get cancer he knows the parents will pay any outrageous price he can come up with? That's a vulture, not a doctor.

I have an abscess in my jaw because a greedy dentist destroyed my teeth, and it is well on it's way to becoming septicemia. I've got 2 jobs and $29 dollars in my pocket. You think I'm going to the doctor? Hah! I know with the money I have I can get a huge package of horse antibiotic from the feed store. With a little bit of math I can figure out the dosage based on my body weight. I can get 100 doses for $20 and still have $9 left. If I were to get a prescription I would be lucky to get 20 doses for $100.

So maybe if I can make until I'm 65, I can get medicare. Of course by then, I'm sure the corporate media will have convinced you that it's in everyones best interest to raise it to 70, so I'm not optimistic. So go on and keep watching your lame sitcoms and insipid reality shows, but don't come running to me when you need help. I've seen how much you care.

If you think Obama-care is Socialism, If you think Hillary is a Liberal, If you think Liberals are Communist, If you don't give a shit about your fellow Americans, If you think a millionaire who says "You're Fired" is a job-creator, you're not a patriot, you're a fool.
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